Oh, It’s Your Birthday?

Posted by miss m on Friday, May 14, 2010 @ 9:09pm in General Blather, M's Birthday, Sickness and Health Issues, Work |

Stomach has still been difficult but better today. Went in at 10am to an email from my boss saying I’m being permanently moved from 9am-3pm to the 10am-4pm shift. He said that was always supposed to be my shift; that the 9-3 was only for training.

Well that’s fine and all but no one ever said anything to me so I just kept coming in at 9am. So don’t get all snippy with me that I didn’t know I was supposed to just know.

Got in this morning and there was a card on my desk. Aw… I thought. A card from my team. After all, I had a countdown on my dry erase board in red letters for the past two weeks that said, ” _____ days until M’s birthday on May 16th!” and a smiley face. And each day, I’d change the number to count down. So it’s not like it was a secret. Plus, I’d mentioned to Janet about it a week or so ago telling her how difficult this one was going to be for me with Rand’s passing.

So, a card from the team seemed likely. But no. It was actually a card from my cube buddy. I’m first shift and there’s a second shift that does the same thing but mainly contacts the West coast. Well, she and I share the cube. I’ve never met her because she doesn’t come in until 6pm and I leave at 3pm. (Well, now 4pm but either way, I’m still gone hours before she starts.) But she was the only person to leave a card for me. That’s super sweet and yet just goes to highlight how bad it is that the rest of the team didn’t even bother to pass around a card.

When I was heading out, one of the other 2nd shift girls – who shares a cube with Janet behind me – was coming in. She asked what I was doing for the weekend so I said it was my birthday. Then everyone was like, oh really? Well, happy birthday then. Gee, thanks for the enthusiasm.

Ugh, I’m so over this job. It’s not just the card thing, I just hate it. I am not the kind of person that can sit and read the same exact, badly worded script for six straight hours. I need challenge, diversity, and for gods’ sake, to be able to THINK for myself! The script bullshit is for idiots and I’m not an idiot. Besides the fact it’s annoying, the clients don’t even understand the questions most of the time and we have to then double the work by rephrasing the verbatim parts into something more akin to normal English. I mean, seriously, who expects questions with wording that starts off, “Do you recall a representative asking you not to….” Who says that?


Anyway, another crappy end to a crappy week.

Tomorrow, we’re going over to Mom’s for a family birthday lunch. My sister’s husband has a race in the morning so it got pushed from 1pm until 2:30pm. It’s just going to be my mom and her husband, my sister and her husband and Love and I so it’s no big event or anything. But there will be cake so that’s always a plus.

Alright, I’m out for now.


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