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Just add it to the mounting pile of debt I already have gotten myself into this month.

We had to get Love’s car fixed yesterday – to the tune of $918. Which is better then the estimate of $1400 (+tax) that the first place gave us, but still…nine hundred dollars.

Love’s compressor was going bad. But it wasn’t a frivolous thing; we didn’t fix it because of the air conditioning part. In fact, the A/C was working fine. But internally, the bearings were going bad. And whether it’s turned on or not, the Element is a single belt-driven engine. Meaning that the same serpentine belt that drives the alternator and the power steering, also spins the compressor. And with the bearings going bad, it means that it was going to fail. Failing means it would seize up and stop spinning. And if the compressor stopped spinning, our alternator would stop working (meaning no charging the battery) and our power steering would go out. The car would literally be inoperable.

Not all cars are apparently single belt-driven. And in those cases, if the compressor goes, no biggie; the car keeps running. My compressor had blown out completely and I could drive my car because it didn’t affect the other systems. But in the Element, the compressor has to have functioning bearings or the car doesn’t work.

So, my repair three weeks ago was $640. (Which was done on credit.) Then on Saturday, we spent $265 in cash to replace a damaged belt pulley and flush our power steering fluid. Turns out, neither were the problem and even though they both needed to be done, we didn’t have almost $300 to spend. Then yesterday, another $918 for a new compressor and belt. (The old one had been damaged by the damaged pulley and breaking compressor.) This was done on credit as well.

And now we have another monthly bill to try and pay when we are already so sunk and behind on everything else that we’re having problems keeping up with the bare minimum bills we already have each month. For example, I have yet to pay cable or power and I have no idea where the $300 for the two of them is going to come from. (Because the $300 that went to the first repair on Saturday was bill money.)

I can’t even tell you how panicked and stressed I am about money right now. Somehow, we’ve just gotten in fucking quicksand and no matter what we do, we cannot keep our heads above the surface. We haven’t done anything, gone anywhere, bought anything to account for it. Hell, half of my migraine problems is because I haven’t had the $40 to pay for my monthly massage in almost two months now. How the fuck does it get this bad and what the fuck am I supposed to do when there’s only x amount of money coming in and I need x PLUS a whole hell of a lot more?? I’m getting zero sales on my site and even when I’ve tried to sell things, I’m getting nothing.

It’s like, what am I supposed to do?

So yeah, $918. Plus $265. Plus $640. We’re talking about like 3.5 months of my income here. Months of income, not weeks. How am I ever going to stop drowning?

Let’s not even get into the stomach upset, puking, headaches, migraines, depression, anxiety (which is making a comeback), and sleeplessness that are all part and parcel of my life lately.

I feel so alone and so helpless and just completely without hope.


  • alicia says:

    if you’re not in a contract i would get rid of internet and cable and any non essential subscriptions for a while. a garage sale might be worth while too if you have stuff to get rid of. But I know what its like to only have $20 in the bank and be completely stressed out about money. Life can really suck sometimes.

  • miss m says:

    I don’t have any non-essential subscriptions. I don’t have any online things, no magazines, no netflix, nothing.

    The cable/internet is a bundle and since it’s literally our only source of entertainment, not to mention needing the internet to run my jewelry business, I’m not willing to cancel my cable. If I did, I wouldn’t get a single channel and no net connection. That’s just stir-crazy waiting to happen.

  • Jeanette Lowazn says:

    Work full-time. Budget your money. Find a cheaper place. Read books instead of cable.

  • miss m says:

    Can’t work full time because of my health. (That whole HUGE tab that says “Chronic Illness isn’t just wall decoration.)

    I DO budget my money.

    I am in a lease until January 31, 2011. It would cost about $4,000 to break it.

    I DO read books – 42 so far this year all from the library – but one can not read exclusively as their only form of entertainment.

    If you’re not going to be helpful or realistic, just keep your comments to yourself.

  • SMT says:

    Sorry you’re having such a tough time. Just keep in mind that the car and everything is just a one off expense and now they’re fixed and working, you don’t have to pay for them again, so if you can somehow survive this period you’ll find months when you don’t have over 1000 in car repairs really easy!

    Your jewelery is really good and deserves better than no sales. I think it may be in part how you market. Your site is small and intimate, but you effectively tell people you’re an amateur jeweler and go round hobby stores buying your materials. This stuff contributes to your income, you’re a professional designer, be proud of it.

    While that might be nice for the personal touch, it makes your pricing seem a touch high as a result. (If you can go to a hobby store, so can I, or anyone etc.) I know it’s not, but it seems that way. If I were you, I’d go at it more like you’re a business rather than a person that makes jewelery. Then you could raise prices substantially and do some creative marketing. You aren’t required to state that you make all the stuff, nor that its done from hobby store materials. You can say that your work is custom built by a team of designers etc. Sure its some truth bending, but that’s marketing.

  • miss m says:

    Hrm…interesting point on the “professional” vs “home business” concept. I may have to look into re-doing some of the verbiage because when it did start, it was just a very small hobby. These days, I think I really make much higher quality items and try to present myself as a professional versus a hobbyist.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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