Tired Tuesday

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I didn't sleep last night. Well no, I take that back. I DID sleep ok between the hours of 4:30am and 8:30am. But there was pretty much zero sleeping until 4:30am.

So this morning, by the time the alarm was set to go off, I was finally down into a good place sleep-cycle wise…and had to wake up. It's left me super groggy and really tired this morning.

Mom's supposed to come by tomorrow so we can drop my car off to get fixed. Problem is that Love's car now is looking seriously undrivable until we get it repaired but we just literally don't have the money for it. We are already behind on last month's power and cable payment. And rent is coming out of Friday's check. So where the other $350 is supposed to come from to pay the two outstanding bills let alone his repair is beyond me. I am so stressed out right now and it's a big part of why I simply am not sleeping.

I figure once my car is fixed, at least Love can drive mine to work since he's got a very long 45-minutes one-way drive, and I can drive his since I have a four mile drive one-way. Hopefully, his will survive long enough for us to get it fixed if it's only driven four days a week, 8/miles a day total. Without help, we have to wait at least two weeks until next payday on the 18th to have any chance of paying for it. We're not even sure exactly how much it will cost. We know Love's Dad had the same repair last month and his was around $200 but…Honda repairs tend to be more expensive. Honda's don't break down often but when they do, the sideways engine placement means it's labor-intensive to work on. We've only had one repair in the 2.5 years we've owned it so far (this will be the second) and it's a 2003 with over 100k miles on it so we can't complain about the durability of the car, you know? It's just repairs are always needed when you can least afford to do it.

Anyway, I'm tired and it's a given I rather not have to be here today but at least since yesterday was a Holiday, I'm only here for one day before I get my usual Wednesday off. That's what's getting me through the morning. (Though not quickly. Jeez, it's only 11:15am! Means I've only been here a little over an hour. Feels MUCH longer then that. *sigh*)

I made a few simple pieces of jewelry this weekend – just a couple bird nests and another large scale, heavily branched Peridot Tree of Life pendant like the one I sold last month but I didn't get a chance to get them photographed so I need to do that. Plus I have some thoughts for some bridal/heart jewelry but I need supplies to make it happen but I don't really have the cash for the supplies I need. (Frustrating.) If I can get a couple sales this week, it'd help out tremendously even towards just getting the power bill and such paid, you know?

Bah, June. I've never liked June much. Means my birthday month is over and we're full-swing into the long, brutal summer. It's like a harbinger of misery here in Florida. It only gets worse from here and we're a loooong way off from November or so when the weather will settle back down.

Anyway (is there an echo in here?) I guess I better get back to work. Hope everyone had a more fun holiday weekend then I did. Heh. And any good thoughts towards getting our way through this muck of financial frustration is greatly appreciated.

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