Honda A/C Hell – Update

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Wednesday I took it to a Honda dealership to get a Honda tech to inspect it. Turns out it was completely obvious that none of the work done by the a/c place was anywhere near correct. The compressor is on the verge of complete seizure. It's leaking at both ends. It's also basically exploded, putting out metal filings into the entire a/c system. Every single thing the a/c place supposedly fixed – AND MORE – needed repair.

Exact report from Honda:

Seizing compressor. Heard the two different noises on the road test. A screeching noise on acceleration and a rumble noise on deccel or braking. Also began to smell burning at the end of the road test. Found that the compressor is almost sized and is causing excess strain on both the compressor clutch and drive belt. The burning odor was caused by the overheating of the clutch bushing. A ND slipping drive belt. Compressor seizure likely due to the refrigerant oil leak at both ends of the compressor. No computer failure found.

Repairs needed:

  • Replace compressor and clutch
  • Replace condenser
  • Replace expansion valve
  • New evaporator
  • charge (complete) a/c system
  • a/c flush
  • 2lbs R134A
  • serpentine belt

Honda's quote for repair: $3,300.

Bear in mind, I spent $1,400 to the A/C place and $131 in diagnostic fee to Honda. Took car to mechanic my Mom and her husband use up by her house for about $2,100 total repair. Wish I could have had Honda do it after all this nightmare but I just don't have $3,300.

We're now in touch with the corporate office of the a/c place. The work was done by a franchise but we're trying to get the corp office to issue a full refund – including the $131 diagnostic fee because they told us it was Honda's fault and we needed to take it to Honda.

Should that fail, we'll open dispute with the CC it was put on. And, I plan on taking them to court to get the additional $700 the repair is ultimately going to cost me over the amount I already paid because Honda told me that the only reason so much needs replacing is because it was left to get so bad that the compressor ruined the entire a/c system. Had the job been done correctly, I would have only needed a new compressor and nothing else. I also plan to ask for the lost wages as a result of having to take days off of work in the first place! (They had it three days last week for example and I missed one day then because we didn't have other transportation arrangements.)

It could be months before we get a resolution if it has to go through the CC. It's apparently a slow process which is why we're trying to get corp to issue the refund. (You open the dispute, the other party has 45 days to reply. If they reply, you then have 45 days, etc., etc.)

Oh and the icing on the cake? The a/c place is now claiming that Honda broke the compressor. He says that if there are metal filings in the system, it's because Honda planted them there. He called the service manager at the Honda dealership and yelled at him!

This has been the biggest nightmare ever.

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