I Know “When it Rains, It Pours” But…

Posted by miss m on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 @ 1:09am in Car Issues, Finances, General Blather |

…I wasn’t prepared for a torrential downpour.

To Recap: June saw over $600 to repair my car. Then $300 for Love’s (which didn’t fix the problem) and another $920 (which we thought did.) Put us severely behind and in debt, struggling to just keep afloat until we can get caught up. (Which will probably take a few months. )

Saturday we went to Ikea to trade out our curtains for ones that were a better size and color. (We bought some in April but lost the receipt until just now so couldn’t exchange them until I found it.) As we’re leaving the parking lot and heading toward the highway, the A/C is blowing warm air. Maybe it’s just taking awhile to cool down from sitting in the hot, unshaded parking lot I think. But a few minutes into the drive, it’s still warm. It’s not any colder. In fact, if anything, it might be getting warmer.

Then we hear a noise like if you drive a car over rough road like brick or cobble stone. We’re like, what was that? Then we hear it again and realize it’s the car. We turn off the A/C and noise stops immediately. We drive the rest of the way back with the windows down.

Tomorrow is my day off and it’s going back because there’s a 1-year warranty on the compressor and there’s no reason in hell it should be broken again already. They damned well better make it right.

THEN, if that weren’t bad enough, yesterday Love comes out to the car at the end of his work day and notices the passenger window is all the way down. Not only is it down, but it won’t come back up. He drives home and we look at it. We can’t even pull the window up manually because it’s catching and only comes up 1/4 of the way. And when you let go, it falls back down. Turns out the power window regulator has broken and needs to be replaced.

Love and his friend Steve spent their lunch today taking the door panel off and jury-rigging a temp fix to hold the window up. But now we need to buy the part (typically cheaper online and shipped it’s anywhere from $75-100) before we have a usable window again. I guess it’s not that hard to do on your own and dealerships charge like $200-300 to do it. We found a photo how-to and such so we’re going to try it ourselves. Of course, we need to come up with a hundred bucks to order the part in the first place…

So right now, we have about $1,200 we’ve spent to fix the car and the A/C is broken again two weeks later, the door panel is in the “trunk” area because it’s a big hassle to get it on and off and there’s a metal bar that Love and Steve rigged to hold the window up. (Meaning of course that you have only one window to open when driving the car due to the aforementioned non-working A/C.)

Seriously? What. The. Fuck.

I am so ready for the universe to stop taking a ginormous shit on us anytime now. Really, I think we’ve had just about the most miserable year ever. Isn’t your best friend dying suddenly horrible enough for one year? We need money problems and car shit too? You know, it’s just fucking one thing after another and I’m just SO tired of this. Sometimes I think if my life where a soap opera, people would say it was too far-fetched! No way this much shit can happen; that’s just crazy.

Anyway, gotta get ready for bed. Need to get up early tomorrow. Mom’s coming down to help me drop the car off since we need to figure out what’s going on with this damned, supposed-to-be-fixed, cost enough money it should be perfect compressor. Cross your fingers for good news tomorrow, please. I just need SOMETHING to go right for a damned change.

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