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Jeez, this week has dragged on forever it seems! Feels like it's been two weeks worth of a week rather than just one. I'm so happy it's Friday. I was ready for it to be Friday about three days ago.

I've been dealing with an on-again/off-again migraine/headache for the past three days. It peaked out the other day and then it went away but it keeps coming back in the mornings when I wake up. Which reminds me, I really need to text my massage therapist to see if she has an opening for next Wednesday. It's been months again since my last massage so that's definitely not helping things.

Love got his tax return deposited today into my savings account. So we're off to buy a couch this weekend. We bought a couch last year at IKEA during tax time but we've pretty much hated it every moment of the past year. What was comfortable in the showroom turned out to be miserable in real-life and it's just killing Love's back and my neck. So we're trying again. I've been counting the months until tax return so we could get a new one. I'm going to try to sell the other one since it's only 11 months old but so long as I get a new one, I don't really care.

I haven't even gotten my W2 yet from my company. So lame! Mine isn't going for anything fun. It'll be paying off Gracie's vet bills. I want to just pay off that Care Credit card completely ($500) and the $350 for her xray/sonogram as well. That should eat up every penny of my return but it'll be nice to not have either of those bills hanging over my head. I hope they hurry up and send it to me seeing as they have to give it to me by January 31st – and that's Monday! Even the State of Florida is faster; I got my Unemployment notice from last year like two weeks ago. (I started this job February 22nd, 2010 so I had January and February of Unemployment for 2010.)

* just heard back and I've got an appointment for a massage Wednesday @ 1:30pm YAY! *

Anyway, I so don't want to be here today. I'm just so ready to go home. I wish my damned head would stop hurting so much too. It's very frustrating when it gets this way because it feels like I never get relief. I feel like I'm living in a state of constant, foggy pain. Sucks.

Good news, Gracie seems to be settling down on her own. Last week (Thursday, January 20th) she started acting up again; back in the litter box every 5 minutes and hanging out in there for hours; not grooming, just generally being moody. She was still on her Xanax from Thursday through Saturday and she was as bad as ever. I know nothing is wrong with her so when she ran out of the Xanax, I just let her be. I figured I'll give her this week to see if she comes out of it on her own. Because before, we'd rush her to the vet, she'd get a shot or an antibiotic or a pill and do better in a few days. But since nothing was wrong with her in the first place, I thought, well, maybe she would have gotten better on her own without the shot/antibiotic/pill/etc. Slow going but all this week, she's been getting better. No meds and she's going less and less into the litterbox, playing, grooming and working her way back to normal.

She's eating and such just fine so I think this was the right decision. I rather her not be on meds if possible and since it's just behavioral/psychological anyway, if she can work herself out of it on her own, all the better.

Anyway, better get back to looking like I'm working. Little over 3 hours to go even though it feels like forever. Hopefully I'll have happy sofa news this weekend so wish us luck on our search!

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