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Posted by miss m on Thursday, January 13, 2011 @ 6:46pm in Customer Service, Finances, General Blather, TV |
Ok so vey long story slightly shorter: came home today and net cable and phone off. Called cable company. They turned us off for being late. We were behind from the $1000 in vet bills last month but get paid tomorrow and planned to get caught up then. I had only gotten my normal monthly statement no disconnect notice or anything. The first guy I talked to was rally nice but said he couldn’t do anything and so put me to his supervisor who was the biggest ass ever. Basically he told me they disconnected me from the pole (um hello why?) and that in order to even schedule an appointment to get reconnected I had to pay $597.39! This included all sorts of fees and future charges I would have to pay on advance. Oh and the kicker is that the 2 year guarenteed rate plan I was on was no longer valid and my bill would also be going up $40 more a month!!! And the schmuck had the nerve to say that he pays his bills late all the time and he knows to call to make payment arrangements. I said I *never* pay my billsnlate and had I known this was pending I would obviously have called but since they hadn’t bothered to let me know and I was getting paid you know *tomorrow* I didn’t think it was a problem!

So I was not about to pay that much PLUS pay $40 more a month so right now they can stew. I will go ahead and call Fios and schedule another install instead.

Fuck you Bright House Networks and “Josh” at the Tampa Bay customer service supervisor for being a complete duche and for totally wasting my time. Way to lose a customer.

I have no access to my email excepty gmail right now ( ) and only a terrible weak signal on my iPod so again I am offline completely pretty much until further notice. Which really sucks. Just like Bright House Networks.

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