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I went into the er yesterday. I had been having extreme pain in my lower abdomen on both sides since Friday. By Sunday it got so bad I had to go to the er in desperete pain. Here all night with tests. Turns out I am going to need surgery. I have two fibroids in my uturus the size of baseballs (exact quote from doctor) and two cycts as large too. They are apparently at the point where you can feel them through the skin and they’re so big it’s causing blinding pain and need to be removed. Most likely on wednesday I will have laproscopic surgery to remove my utarus. The on/gyn says I will still have my ovaries so no menapause but also no more periods ever. And of course no pregnancy ever.

This is really overwhelming to say the least. I’m typing this up briefly on my iPod on the hospital wifi. I’m doing ok pain wise now, last night they gave me morphine twice but it only took the edge off. The ob/gyn gave me something else that’s a strong Morton apprently and it helps more.

They admitted me around 5am for furher obsovation. I’m hoping when I meet with he dr today they can send me home with meds tonight and let me come back for the surgery Wednesday. I rather not have to say her until Wednesday if I don’t have to and the dr mentioned that being a possibility last night. If they send me home with my meds I’ll just be so much more comfortable at home you know?

I’m not even sure I know how I feel about all this right now. It’s just so overhwelming to say the least. Just turned 34 and I’m losing my utarus for crying out loud. Even not wanting to be pregnant ever it’s still really scary.

Right now I’m just exhauseted. Got to the hospital around 5:30pm Sunday up all night with tests and then got admitted around 5-6am. Slept fitfully because it’s very noisy so it’s all still a surreal haze.

Can anyone reading this do me two favors? First pass the info on; I can’t easily post on message boards and stuff from my touch. (I have swaps due this weekend but obviously not in a position to get them out for example)

And two: please send good thoughts,prayers, energy whatever you call it. This is terrifying and I’ve never had major surgery like this before. To say I’m scared is an understatement.

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