The Return of the A/C Problems

Posted by miss m on Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 10:28am in Car Issues, Finances, General Blather, Weather, Work |

So, awesome news…Love was driving home yesterday and stopped to get gas. When he turned the car back on after pumping, the air conditioning wouldn’t turn on. At all. Nothing happens when he turns the knob. The fan’s not kicking on at all. It was just working prior to stopping for gas and there’s been no noise, smells, or any other signs it was failing. It just…stopped working. You may recall the absurd fiasco we went through last year with the Honda Element where we took it in multiple times to the scam artists at Ice Cold Air who screwed us over so bad that after $1,400 of work, it STILL wasn’t fixed and it took us taking it to another place entirely to repair ALL of their work and more because what they did actually made things worse.

The entire A/C system in the Element is less than a year old. And last time, it was making noises, it smelled and it blew air, just hot air only. This time, it just stopped turning on entirely very suddenly. Google and my Mom’s husband both think it sounds more like an electrical problem like a fuse or relay or something. We tried to check the fuses yesterday when he got home but found nothing obvious. The relays we can’t check because we don’t have the equipment to do so. I made an appointment for Saturday (the soonest we have time off again to take it to get looked at) with the place that correctly fixed it last summer since they gave us a year warranty on all their work. I can’t say enough how much I hope it’s either just something little and stupid or covered under warranty because I have $10 in my checking account and Love has about $70 in his and we don’t get paid this week, we get paid next week.

It’s going to be over 90F (32C) with a feels-like over 95F (35C) today and even hotter tomorrow. One of his windows is still broken (it’s about $100 repair if we do it ourselves but we just haven’t done it yet) so you can only put one window down in his car. Not having A/C in this kind of heat just isn’t an option. I let him take my car to work today and tomorrow since my A/C is fine and he drives 45 minutes one-way to his job. I only drive 5 minutes. Still, it’s not going to be fun driving to-and-from work today because in that five minutes I will totally be drenched.

I’m trying not to worry about the repair bill but it’s hard. This is definitely not how I wanted to start my holiday weekend.

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