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Ok so I had my appointment with the doctor today. I’m feeling a little better about things because now we’re actually moving forward and I’m not just hanging out here in limbo.

First, today we did some of the pre-op tests that need doing like a PAP. Tomorrow, I have to come back for a uterus biopsy and a final ultrasound to look at one of the areas that they couldn’t get a good visualization on before just to check. I probably won’t be on his OR schedule for this coming Wednesday, but rather the following. Since we need to get these things taken care of before we can move on to the actual surgery. But, I have a timeframe now and a bit of a target.

Financially, we paid $140 today and tomorrow is another $275. That we’ve been able to get covered. In order to get the surgery, we’re looking at about half of the remainder down – or about $800. Still a lot of money but a little more reachable of a goal versus $2,000. We’re already planning and pooling resources and will be having a garage sale with my mom, sister and myself with all funds going towards the surgery. I am also going to try to get some bigger ticket items listed on ebay. And, of course, any money I can get through my etsy shop will go to it too. (Plus, help supplement the fact I won’t have my day job income for about four weeks. So I’m really going to need to raise as much as possible across all avenues have open to us.

After the down payment, I will need to pay off the other $800 in about 6 months too which means money will be tight for awhile. But, again, it’s still a little more manageable breaking it up like this than the two grand all at once.

He also switched up my painkiller since being on that high of a dosage of the Motrin is bad for my stomach. This one is a once a day pill too versus every 6 hours. Because tomorrow’s biopsy is going to be stressful and a little painful, he also gave me a Valium for tomorrow to help offset the disruption. But, I guess they need to look at the uterus cells before the hysterectomy as a precaution.

I’m still a little stressed and it’s still such a big, huge, deal…but… I am feeling a little more like we’re on our way now. I feel like it’s going to be alright eventually and that’s a feeling I haven’t had since this all started. At least things are progressing and that’s just a huge relief.

I’m really exhausted now though because it was a long day. My appointment was at 2pm and I got home at about 5:45pm then had to run back out to the pharmacy so I’m just getting settled now. Haven’t even had dinner yet! But I wanted to update since I know everyone knew my appointment was today and a lot was riding on the outcome of the appointment.

I’m going to see how I feel this weekend on the painkiller and hopefully, I can get in a couple days at work next week too just for the cash. I have to stop my painkiller though a week before the surgery so I’m not sure if I can take something else instead or what, so if it’s the following Wednesday and I’m not allowed on anything, I won’t be able to work the full week. I don’t know. Few more questions I need to ask tomorrow about that. But maybe at least a couple days just to help have SOME money coming in.

Alright, I think I’m babbling at this point. Just wanted to give info since it was a very long and informative day. But we should be good to go soon. I can still use any help, support and sales I can get to raise not only this $800 down but the rest that will be due plus offset my day job, so anyone who can spread my link or anyone who can help donate to the cause, I would be extremely grateful.

More probably tomorrow.

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