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So I had the Lupron shot yesterday and I thought I’d update how it’s going so far. This entry may be a little TMI but seeing as I’m talking about my uterus on a daily basis these days, really, I think I already left modesty pretty far behind. *chuckles*

First, in order get the shot, I had to stop my birth control pill. Which meant that I started my period. The Lupron overloads your system first, then shuts it down. So I spent the whole night last night waking up every 1-2 hours because my period turned so heavy it just required that much attention. (Hey, I said it might be TMI.) Today I am pretty damned exhausted as a result. I’ve also had a non-stop borderline/low-grade migraine since yesterday afternoon which has sucked and which has just kinda left me kinda cranky. The Lupron also causes cramps the first few days and I’ve been making use of my beanie again; heating it up and putting it on my stomach to help sooth a little. Cramps are definitely not fun.

According to what the doctor told me, in another day or two the period should stop and then the menopause symptoms will start as my estrogen levels fall. So I don’t know yet how that will go until I’m past the heavy period part of the transition. So far, it’s just like a heavy period which isn’t fun but isn’t anything I’ve not been through before. It’s kinda wait-and-see what the next few days will bring.

Beyond that, I have a few new pieces to edit and get listed on my shop so I’ll be working on that next. But not much to report so far in terms of change. We’ll see how it goes. I’m still hoping I can get to work next week at least for a few days to help get some damned income back in. Forgetting the medical expenses, the everyday bills need paying too, you know? But, like I said, I have to wait and see what the menopause symptom portion is going to be like. I’m most worried about the increase in migraine risk since that’s a real possibility. And migraines make doing anything pretty damned impossible, so I’m just hoping they don’t get really bad on me.

Just in a holding pattern really for now.

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