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It’s kinda been a busy weekend and I was getting ready to go to bed but not quite tired enough to sleep yet so I thought I’d spend a few minutes writing up an update.

I finally had my much belated birthday lunch with my Mom and sister. They were out in Vegas for my cousin’s college graduation the weekend of my birthday and the weekend after just didn’t work to get together. The weekend after that, I was in the ER. So we finally did lunch Friday because I had the added benefit of getting to see my cousin too. (The one from the Vegas graduation.) He came down for a few days and I hadn’t seen him since he was like 12 or something (he’s 22 now) so it was a nice lunch. I didn’t make a long day of it; they just came and picked me up, we had lunch and chatted for a couple hours and then they brought me home. It was the first I’d been out of the house all week, so that was nice too.

I don’t even want to get into all the hassles we’ve been through since before the ER with Love’s car but the other thing we were supposed to do that weekend was get his car checked out. It only finally happened on Saturday and wound up being $800 in repairs. (When it rains, it doesn’t just pour for me, it wipes out entire freakin’ villages. *sigh*) I was able to put it on a credit card specific to that repair shop (as opposed to like a regular Visa or Mastercard) with 6 months same-as-cash so I guess I’ll worry about it six months from now. Not much else I can do right now.

It was an exhausting day though and it really took it out of me. I really have very little stamina right now and just a few hours of running around to get the car situation taken care of totally wiped me out. Sucks.

Took it easier today because I was so exhausted from the day before. We just hit Target to get some household stuff and dinner. We didn’t even leave the house until like 4pm or something so it was definitely not a rush to do anything sort of day. In fact, I got up, ate breakfast, watched a little TV and then laid back down for an hour for a nap because I was still really tired. It wasn’t until like 2:30pm I even got up to take a shower!

Lupron Update
So I had the Lupron shot Tuesday. Not to be TMI (seriously though, my blog is all uterus talk so I’m seriously losing any modesty about these kinds of things!) but I’m still on my period. I had really expected it would have stopped by now and the menopause side effects would have kicked in. I’m not sure how long it should last because when I was on the Pill, they stopped by about Friday night/Saturday typically. It’s definitely not as intense as it was the beginning of the week but it’s still pretty steady.

I tried to google about Lupron and dear gods that was a bad idea. There’s all sorts of awful horror stories and articles about class action lawsuits, people who’s lives were ruined, the FDA looking into the side effects and safety of the drug…etc. Oy. I SO do not need to get too deep into reading that kind of stuff or it’ll just freak me the hell out.

So I’m not sure really what to expect. Mainly so far, I get some painful cramping (which I was told about) but not always. It just kinda randomly hits. Saturday night it was really bad and on my right side instead (the biggest fibroid that was causing the pain that brought me to the ER is on the left side) and was going straight through to my back. Like a knife. Don’t know if it’s just that I overdid it or what but it was better today.

Also, I’ve had a low-grade/borderline migraine all week. Two days – including today – I broke down and took some Excedrin to help. And it does help. I just don’t want to take it all the time (WAY too much caffeine and it can cause rebound headaches if you take it too much.) It’s not been bad enough where it’s full-blown migraine and I need Immitrex, but it’s annoying nonetheless.

As far as hot flashes/night sweats – none of that so far. The only weird temperature thing right now is I can no longer take a hot shower. I normally like my shower water SUPER hot. This week, it’s like even lukewarm feels too hot on my skin. Very odd. But outside of the shower, I still wind up with my blanket on me on the couch more often than not and such so I don’t know. Just weird observation.

Mainly it’s just the fatigue. I’m really easily exhausted. I also feel a little emotionally worn out all the time too. (Probably part stress and part hormone shift.) The pain meds still help keep 90% or more of the pain away and overall I may be a little sore at times (with occasional flares of more intense pain) but it’s manageable. The fatigue though…not much I can really do about that. It’s pretty constant.

At the end of the day, I don’t really care if it’s a month of a period or hot flashes so long as it works, you know? I just don’t want this to be for nothing. I just want to get as much shrinkage of the tumors as possible. Sometimes I lay there in bed before I fall asleep and try to will them to shrink. If only it were that easy!

Anyway, it’s like 1am now so I guess I’ve stalled enough and I’m starting to get sleepy so I think I’ll wrap up for now. Still kinda in holding pattern and just really waiting on the outcome. And man, this waiting part sucks.

Oh, by the way, several items listed in both my shop and the fundraiser shop this weekend with more coming tomorrow. Please consider blogging/tweeting/posting to facebook my links to help spread the word. It means so much to get it out there.

Night for now.

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