Stuffy Nose and Stupidity

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Man, I don’t know what gives lately but the last few days my nose will NOT stop being all stuffy! I’ve been blowing it non-stop and it just keeps right on coming. I can’t breathe so it’s hard to sleep and it hits in waves and when it does, I’m just miserable. Pollen counts only show “moderate” and I’ve been taking a Claritin but it’s only partially helping. Out of nowhere my nose just goes insane and I can’t stop blowing it. I really don’t know what’s going on with it. I joked with Love I’d have no way of knowing if I were getting sick since I feel “run down” all the time now from the BP meds. I don’t think it’s a cold but whatever it is, it’s driving me nuts!!

Livejournal’s been having Denial of Service attacks for days now so I can’t get it to load at all and when I hit publish on this, it’s going to give me an error trying to crosspost there. Annoying too.

Made three Trees last night that I need to photograph and get posted on the shop. Sales have still been pretty dismal. I feel like I need to find new avenues to get the word out, but I don’t know where to begin. I’d love to pair up with some popular blogs to maybe feature my shop and story or something but…I’m kinda clueless how to even begin with something like that. Anyone have ideas?

More Assistance Fuckery and Failure
When I signed up for assistance through the County and State, one of the things I had to fill out an application for was Food Stamps. (Signing up for it was a requirement of trying to get other help. Don’t ask me!) While my other claims were denied, the food stamp one is still pending. At this point, I’d take it because it would be at least a small help in the budget right now being two months into one income.

So, they needed proof of my wages (or lack thereof) for June and there was a form my employer needed to fill out. Key word here is employer not me. So I got the form around July 12th. Immediately sent it to my boss with the required deadline info. They wanted the info back by July 18th. So July 21st, I get a call from someone in my HR department saying the fax number to send it back wasn’t working. What? Jeez people. So I call back and leave a voicemail with the correct number. They resent it and it arrived on the 21st.

Then on Monday the 25th, I get a letter saying I’m not in compliance because I missed the deadline. No, I didn’t miss anything. It was a form you wouldn’t let ME fill out. And, you already received it, just a few days late. So the letter has no name on it or anything but says I must call for an interview now or I risk being denied.

I’ve called multiple times day and night to the number every day since Monday. Each time, it doesn’t even ring, just goes to voicemail. Listen to a long, rambling message and then… “The mailbox is full and cannot accept further messages. Try your call again.” Seriously?? WTF?

So I even tried calling the 800# for customer service and get “Due to high call volume, all agents are busy. Please try again another time.” ARRRG!! The application has been “pending” for over a month now and you have all the info you need showing I’ve had NO income since my paycheck on June 3rd and no forthcoming pay anytime soon but you just, what? Turned off your phone and decided to stop taking calls?? And because of that, I don’t get my assistance? SO FRUSTRATING and I seriously do not know what to do to resolve this. If I can’t reach my case worker and I can’t reach customer service…um, what am I supposed to do?

And, that’s been my week.

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