4th Week of August

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This August is really long. It has five weeks in it. Today is the 4th Monday of the month and there’s another one next Monday. Odd.

So I’m finally on the mend. My cold is definitely winding down. My nose and upper lip are healing up (they cracked and scaled from all the nose-blowing) and I’m still a little stuffy but nowhere near the box-a-day habit of tissues I had been on previously. Got sick Wednesday and was sick pretty much straight through about last night/this morning. And man, my hot flashes were miserable during my cold too! Holy cow, I guess it was because my temperature was screwed up already from being sick but damn…it was hell. (Reminds me why I take the hormones to help manage it!)

Poor Love got sick the exact same time (a TOTAL first; one of us always gets sick days ahead of the other) but he’s not doing quite as well. While my colds are always in my nose, his always go into his chest. And often linger for much longer periods of time. He’s prone to a cold turning into bronchitis and today I called in a refill he had on antibiotics. Hearing his cough, I know it’s going to settle in for weeks if we don’t nip it in the bud now.

He was supposed to have a balance test today as part of the “what the hell is causing this 6 months of miserable vertigo” quest we’re on but, with the cold, he had to cancel. Obviously, it would skew the results. He needs to call them back to reschedule once he’s well.

Tomorrow though he still has an MRI scheduled. They’re doing a brain MRI with and without contrast. Apparently, it may be upwards of 2 hours. He’s kinda freaking so they gave him some Valium to take to help. Then he worried about that having never taken it before. *chuckles* I’ve taken it (like for my uterine biopsy for example) and I’m really sensitive when it comes to meds so I was trying to tell him that if I am ok, he will be too. He’s not buying it. Tomorrow though, when he takes it I’m hopeful it will help.

And, speaking of doctors and appointments, my next appointment is back with the primary doctor on Thursday at 8:45am. (Ack that’s early!!) I need to do a fasting blood draw and apparently EKG as part of my physical. I still haven’t heard from the OB/GYN’s nurse for my surgery scheduling but seeing as it’s probably going to be a month or more from now, I’m not too worried. (Just eager to get a date since right now I feel like I can’t plan anything.)

But that’s the start of my week.

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