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Holy crap. I just had to spend $68.31 on ONE prescription for 28 days.

I’m on the Lupron injection, right? And that puts me in a temporary menopause complete with all the way-fun symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc. So the doctor gave me three months worth of a very low dose add back hormone called Femhrt free. I take one pill a day to help put a little bit of estrogen back in my body and help counter the worst of the effects. (I still get some effects but they’re significantly reduced.)

So, I had a total of four months of Lupron; June 7th was a 30 day injection and July 7th was a 90 day injection. He gave me 3 months worth so I’ll run out of Femhrt before I run out of Lupron in my system. The doctor wrote me a script for another month (actually he apparently put it for two months) but this time, I had to pay for it since my PCIP insurance started August 1st. (At $237/month premium mind you!)

Well, I have a $250 deductible on my prescriptions, so I had to pay the whole thing. All $68.31 of it for a 28 day supply. Holy crap! I don’t have that kind of money!!

$68.31 for 1 month (28 days) of Femhrt
(click for larger)

Not taking it really isn’t an option. So I had to get it. But that put a serious hurt in my funds right now. I mean serious hurt. Not sure what I’m going to do. There’s another whole week before Love gets paid and then, all of it (ALL) will be going to rent. So an unexpected $70 bill is really a problem.

On top of everything, Love and I both have been sick and miserable with a cold for days now. So that’s festive.

But holy crap…$70 for one month. Seriously, these bills are going to be the death of me.

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  • Nikki-ann says:

    !!! The US seriously needs to set up some kind of national health service. Here in Wales we don’t currently pay for prescriptions as they are paid for by our taxes. In England they pay something like £8 per prescription.

    People’s health shouldn’t suffer just because they can’t afford a prescription or treatment, that’s just not right.

  • Venus says:

    Yikes! I know it stings, M, and I hate it. Could have been so much worse, though — I know someone who pays nearly $2000 per month out-of-pocket for prescriptions she HAS to have. Honestly, I don’t know how people do it. So sorry.

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