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It’s the first day of Autumn (even though there’s no such season here in Florida and around here, we’re still firmly in summer’s grip. Currently the feels-like temp is 95F/35.5C) but Happy Autumn Equinox and Mabon Blessings to all.

Yesterday, Love was in agony with an infected and abscessed tooth, so we had to make an emergency trip to the dentist for an extraction. Spent over an hour waiting in a very uncomfortable waiting room (with a guy snoring nonetheless!) but it went well. He was really swollen and sore last night and this morning when his alarm went off for work, it was still only about 14 hours after the extraction. He was still really miserable. He was going to call off but apparently his boss threw a fit yesterday that he had been off to go to the dentist so he wound up having to go in. Poor guy.

Finally heard from the scheduling nurse last night around 7pm and have my pre-op appointments scheduled and my time for my surgery. It’s T-minus 12 days today. (Panic!!) We’re still playing fax tag with the documents that the gyno needs from the primary but I called both and we’re trying again today. (The gyno needs clearance paperwork and copies of my physical report from the primary.)

The only worry is that with me being anemic and with surgery upcoming, that I may not get cleared because of the anemia. But I don’t have time to fix the anemia in 12 days. I’ve also been playing tag between the primary and the referred hematologist as well so you see how my week is going. Update: Just called again to see if they got my records and I have a 10am appointment Friday, September 30th.

Still been slow on shop sales (really dead in the water actually ), so I’m still really trying to get a final push in these last days before surgery. I’m going to be in recovery 4-6 weeks so it’s really important I get as many sales as as much for living expenses now while I can as possible. Any and all links are still greatly appreciated!

I’ve been dealing with some really intense and spirit-crushing depression lately. Breaking down uncontrollably crying and such. But that’s a deep topic and one for another entry. It’s just ever present right now in and among everything else going on.

Nothing much going on here. We’re broke, and Love’s payday was today but we have to pay rent out of this check since the following check would make rent late. Rent is late after the 2nd and next payday is the 7th. Kinda screws us for budget since rent is pretty much every bit of the check. And with me not having an income and my shop sales in the toilet right now, well…we’re not going to be doing anything this weekend.

There are some things I need to get and do in preparation for surgery – like I wanted to get a lap tray, and a grabber tool since I can’t bend over after surgery – but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to now. We also still need to do some cleaning around here so that’s probably what the weekend’s activities will involve.

Anyway, that’s what’s current for now.

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