One Week Until Surgery

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Today is exactly 1 week until surgery. Goodness gracious, I’m getting nervous. I also had my pre-op clearance with my primary doctor today. Most things were good, but, nothing is ever straightforward so…here’s what’s going on.

Blood Pressure
First, my blood pressure was 98/64. Which is actually a little low, especially since I’m on medication for high blood pressure. I’ve been a little woozy and having some lightheadedness when I stand up quickly and I think it’s because the meds are making things too low now. I talked to the doctor about it and she agrees that the Lupron might be the cause of the hypertension in the first place and she wants me to half my pills (take 10mg 1x/day instead of 20mg) and we’ll continue to evaluate. She anticipates we will probably come off it completely if we continue to see it regulating itself as the Lupron continues to wear off.

Second, there’s blood and protein in my urine again. Apparently A LOT of it too. But no white blood cells which you would normally see if there was an infection. I asked them to do a urinalysis anyway to culture for bacteria (I could have a “silent” UTI) but the levels were apparently so high, the doctor wants me to do a kidney ultrasound just in case to see if there’s stones or infection. Because of surgery, they want to make sure there is no problem. So I made an appointment tomorrow at 10:30am. No idea how much it will cost. Hopefully, they’ll bill me and I’ll worry about it later.

They also drew blood to check the final things needed in addition to the full CBC and such they did last month in my physical. I guess they need to check the thickness of the blood and such…? Dunno, it’s all new to me. They will fax over the results to the gyno though when they come in.

The doctor cleared me physically though for surgery. They just need the bloodwork results to ensure there’s no problems that we can’t see and the ultrasound as a precaution. But, based on physical evaluation, I’m cleared. So that’s one step of seemingly endless steps in the next 7 days.

Other Appointments
Still a LOT left to do in the remaining days…

* Tomorrow (Thursday, September 29th) – 10:30am ultrasound of kidneys
* Friday, September 30th @ 10am with hematologist
* Friday, September 30th @ 1:30pm – pre-op massage. (Dammit, I’m sore, tense, and stressed and won’t be able to have one for awhile)
* Monday, October 3rd @ 9:45am Pre-op with gyno
* Monday, October 3rd @ 10:45am – pre-op ultrasound of uterus (final look where we’re at tumor-size wise)
* Monday, October 3rd @ 1pm – Pre-op with hospital

So that’s where we’re at today, with 7 days left to go. I’m seriously doing EVERYTHING I can to ensure nothing hinders the date or causes us to delay for any reason. I want this over and done with dammit and come Hell or highwater, I want it to go forward October 5th as scheduled!

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