Day 18 Post Op – Healing Incisions!

Posted by miss m on Sunday, October 23, 2011 @ 10:41pm in General Blather, Hysterectomy, Photography and Pics, Sickness and Health Issues |

Last night, part of the scab on my belly button incision came off! I didn’t pull at it or pick at it or anything. I just pulled my pj’s down to look at my wounds and the bottom part just came right off. I was like EEK! But it’s fine. Another part in the “inner” part of the belly button looks like it’s ready to come off too and I could probably tug it and it would remove, but I’m trying to let things happen as naturally as possible.

The other incisions are doing well. The one on the right is really tiny. The one on the left is probably still a little over an inch but is getting smaller too. The fourth one right below the underwear line is almost non-existent.

This is the first part of new skin though that’s seeing the light of day. It looks good. Pink but not red, and not inflamed or irritated looking at all. As always, I’m putting the pics behind the cut in case it bothers anyone. There’s one of my overall tummy from last night and a close-up of my belly button (half scabbed/half not) from this evening. It’s a good sign though!

First, the whole tummy. Last night, day 17 post op.

And, the close-up of the belly button. Part of the scab came off last night and the rest looks ready to go soon too. This is day 18 post op.

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  • Alison says:

    Owiez! >.< Looks like you're healing up well, though 🙂 Nice that you had lap work done, too. Your scars will fade to nothing and disappear.

    (been thru this one myself tho' I got the 'traditional' incision)

  • miss m says:

    Yeah my doc is like a laparoscopic specialist so I felt confident about doing it that way. (Plus of course, less invasive and less scaring.) The left side incision actually shed most of it’s scab today and looks great too. Healthy and pink underneath. I think they’ll really be tiny scars. 🙂

  • Sumiko says:

    Thank you for being brave enough to talk about this publicly. In 2008 at the beginning of the recession, I learned I would need surgery for a softball-sized ovarian tumor. When I told my boss: I was laid off a week later. Everyone does not have insurance to begin with. My friend, who had a job with no insurance, died of heart disease at 42 years of age. His death would have been preventable if he’d had insurance and regular check-ups. Thanks again.

  • miss m says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your ovarian tumor and the reaction by your boss. That’s disgusting. I hope you are doing better now.

    I’m further sorry to hear about your friend. I lost my best friend very suddenly and unexpectedly in March 2010 (also at age 42) so I know how much that hurts and how hard that is to go through.

    I appreciate your support and kind words. I hope some of my info and story can help others.

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