Last Pre-Surgery Weekend – 3 Days to Go

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This weekend was the last before surgery. And since last week was so busy with appointments and since this week is busy with more appointments and well, surgery, we decided to try and have a little bit of fun.

Saturday, October 1st was the 40th anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World. I wanted to go out for the special event and heard they were having a little ceremony and such. Well, we wound up running a little late and missed it. (The ceremony started around 9:45am and we made it there around 10:15am.) It was pretty busy because everyone was there for Magic Kingdom’s birthday and the special merchandise and such you could only buy that day.

Love and I also had our 13th anniversary this past week but in and among all the doctor’s visits and such, we didn’t get to do anything, so we got “Happy Anniversary” buttons at the park and wore them. 🙂

Happy Anniversary button from Walt Disney World

We got a lot of congratulations and well-wishes and it was nice to think about something other than the upcoming surgery too for a few hours. The weather was also great – our first day where the oppressive heat broke in months and it was only 83F (28C) and low humidity so it was really a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, Love’s vertigo hit really hard so we wound up heading out a little earlier then planned. We had wanted to stay and watch the fireworks but he wasn’t feeling well and we had gotten there early anyway, so I drove us home. We got back home around 7:30pm or so.

Today (Sunday), we decided to run over to Earl of Sandwhic for lunch. We don’t get it often just because we don’t get over to the mall that has the location in it here, but man, it’s SO good. There’s one in Downtown Disney which is where most people have had it (and where we first did before this one in Tampa opened.) There’s a few out there and if one is near you, or if you go to Disney, do yourself a favor and get a sandwich! 🙂

After that we had some errands to run and got that stuff taken care of. Came back home, and I was beat (yesterday at the park, today running around) so I took a little nap. Had some dinner, watched some tv, now I’m writing an entry before hopping in the shower and heading to bed.

Tomorrow is my pre-op with my gyno and my final uterine ultrasound. This will give us an idea where we’re at size-wise before the surgery Wednesday. After that, I also have to do my registration stuff at the hospital. That’s the only thing I’m worried about since I don’t know how much they’re going to want tomorrow and I only have like $100 left on hand. (After $300 to the gyno tomorrow.) Until Love’s payday next Friday, things are tight because we had to pay rent.

I’m really starting to freak out now. Having weird and disturbing dreams (not related to surgery, just bothersome in general) the last two nights. And I keep fighting not to break down crying. I know logically that tens of thousands of people have this surgery every year and it’s just fine. But, emotionally, I also know a small percentage have catastrophic problems and my brain can’t help but ask what if I’m in that percentage? I keep worrying I’m going to go in there and not come out. I know it doesn’t logically make sense but emotions rarely respect a well-rationed argument.

Anyway, I have and early morning tomorrow, so I’m going to hop in the shower now so I can get ready. 3 days and counting…

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