Post-Hysterectomy Day 9

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Had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Wound up being awake until like 2am. I haven’t been up past about midnight since this all started. I was so exhausted from the outing to the doctor yesterday and I didn’t take a nap when I got home or anything but for some reason, I just couldn’t shut down and sleep.

I feel a little stalled out progress-wise in my healing. I’m still dealing with a lot of pain at the incision sites (deep aches) and that’s a little frustrating. I know it’s still really early in the healing but I guess I’m just getting bored or something. I’m ready to be past this part and back to being able to do things without it being a huge ordeal. I’m still having to take my vicodin which frustrates me too but I’m only taking it a couple times a day so it’s not like I’m on it constantly. Still, it feels like I should be past this part already. I know everything is ok healing-wise, I’m just getting impatient I guess.

I’m also getting some mood swings. Randomly, I’ll get sad or feel like I’m going to cry. More evidence I think that I’m transitioning back to my ovaries maybe waking up and causing flux in my hormones. I was a wreck on Lupron and now I’m a wreck coming back off it. LOL Feels like I can’t win.

I have some Halloween Full Moon Tree of Life Pendants I need to make but between the pain, the pain meds and such, I just don’t have any attention span. I’ve barely even been able to be online. I really need to get my butt in gear but it’s so hard to have any motivation at all. Sucks.

After getting the all-clear from the doctor that I can work on removing the lint and excess glue, I got a little off today. I’m taking it gentle though because I don’t want to tug on the still healing incisions.

All-in-all, I’m still doing good and I know that logically, but I just emotionally wish I had better progress to this point and feel like I’m kinda a slacker or something.

Putting an updated shot of my tummy behind the cut. It’s in no way graphic but I know some people don’t really want to see it. This is from this afternoon, so 9 days after surgery.

(Click for larger)

Less lint and I’m much less swollen too. I’m getting my hourglass waist back!! Yay!

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