Post Hysterectomy Days 10 and 11

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This weekend marked days 10 and 11 of my healing and recovery from my hysterectomy. Much remains the same. I’m still dealing with deep aches and pains around the incision sites (especially the one on the left which my doctor told me would be the one that hurt the most.) I’m begrudgingly still taking some vicodin in addition to ibuprofen though only 2-3 for an entire 24 hour period. (They’re prescribed 1 or 2 every 4-6 hours.)

I really rather not take any, but I am being continually reminded that the body heals better when not dealing with pain. And that the first two weeks I really should be sitting on my butt, sleeping and basically doing nothing but focusing on healing. Everyone is also reminding me that it takes 6 months to get to 80% healed so even though externally my incisions are healing nicely, they still took a Roto-Rooter to my innards and that takes TIME to heal. Fine, so still taking a painkiller now and then when it gets to be too much.

Saturday, I had my second outing since surgery. (The first was last Thursday’s post-op doctor’s visit.) This time I went with Love to the post office to use the APC (automated postal center) to mail out a couple packages. Then, because I’m a glutton for punishment, we went to Wal-Mart very briefly just so I could buy some more pants. See, I can’t wear ANY of my clothes right now. Between some swelling in my belly (common to hysterectomies) and the incisions themselves being very sensitive, I can’t wear any of my pants. None of my damned shorts, jeans, capris – nothing fits comfortably. I’ve been living in pj pants. So I got three pairs of capri pants from the athletic section that are kinda like Yoga pants but not shiny. So at least if I need to leave the house I’ll have something that’s not quite as horrible as pj pants. (They’re not bad. They have a drawstring waist and even have pockets.)

Of course, that was a crazy amount of energy so I came home and slept for two hours after. *sigh* Just getting dressed and such is still damned hard, I tell ya. Afternoon naps though are AWESOME. I sleep nice and deep and actually relax during them so they definitely help. The hard part is the weird, vivid and downright bizarre ass dreams will not let up so sometimes I feel kinda overwhelmed when I wake up from them. (Apparently also normal.)

Trying to stay positive but a little bummed that I feel like I’m so far into this and still needing meds and such. I’m just kinda all over the place emotionally right now. I’m still happy that I did it and that it’s over and I’m getting better and I still think it was totally the right choice, I’m just getting a little frustrated at the pace of healing and ready to get back to being “me” again. I know it’ll happen it but it’s hard sometimes getting through the hours and days to reach that point.

My sister is coming over tomorrow to visit so that’ll be nice. Beyond that…it’s weird just having another week ahead of me with nothing going on.

Anyway, going to head off and probably start getting ready for bed now. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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  • Lorena says:

    Do you remember when my uncle was so ill a couple of years ago? He had two abdominal surgeries in 18 months (the second one was done the same way yours was done — well, not the vaginal part, dur — but the first was full on gutting him down the middle like a fish). The first, emergency surgery, it was probably… well, he was in the hospital for four months, and it was probably a good three to four months after that before he even started feeling like a human being. The second, planned surgery (ostomy reversal)… it was more like four to six months healing time. I’m not saying this to scare you, but to remind you — you just had major surgery, love. Do not mentally or physically torture yourself that you’re not BAM healed. Just because it doesn’t look like much on the OUTSIDE, remember that Zorro and a Ninja had a knock-down drag-out on your insides. You’re not going to just bounce back from that, no matter how amazingly healthy you were to begin with. Don’t push yourself too hard, and don’t beat yourself up. And know that you’re loved!

  • miss m says:

    I know. Everyone keeps reminding me how long it takes to heal. I guess I was just convinced it would be easy based on so many people telling me they were back to work in days and like, climbing Everest and shit. So I had these expectations of springing back right away. Plus, I hate painkillers and I never take them so to still have to break down and take them frustrates me. But again, everyone keeps reminding me the body heals better when it’s not in pain.

    Thanks though, dear. It’s nice to have such good support through this process. 🙂

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