Post Op Days 12 and 13

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I know. I need to come up with better titles for these things. Sadly, pretty much all of my life right now is centered around healing from my surgery. So there’s not much to talk about that isn’t healing posts. LOL Probably getting boring. Sorry about that.

Yesterday (day 12) my sister came over and we chatted and laughed the entire afternoon. Seriously, we just sat on the couch and joked, talked and laughed from like 2pm until almost 6pm. My poor stomach was sore from all the laughing but it did me good spirits and mood-wise. Plus, she went totally overboard and brought me a whole bag of get well goodies including this super soft, shaggy blue throw, a box of Godiva milk and dark chocolate bars, some glitter pens and even the cutest reusable owl tote bag. Very sweet of her. I’ll try to get a pic later of some of the goodies on the cell. It was nice though and I had a really good day. I wound up being pretty exhausted and kinda sore (par for the course!) but a couple painkillers really knocked the pain out totally and I felt nice and pain-free yesterday evening. Had a difficult night sleeping but really, the day was so pleasant, even that didn’t ruin it.

Today (day 13) I was tired from both the excitement yesterday and the poor sleep last night. I woke up though feeling pretty good pain-wise. Despite being a little rundown, I really wasn’t hurting much, so I just took my ibuprofen and not my painkiller. Took a shower, and then took a nap. LOL But the nap felt good and helped. Assisted Love with dinner, ate and went ahead and took my first painkiller of the day. Now I’m feeling pretty pain-free again and that’s nice.

I feel like I’m finally making progress again. It seemed like I stalled out for awhile and was like at a certain level where it wasn’t getting worse but wasn’t getting better either, for days and days. Today was the first day I woke up and felt like I’m actually improving again. It’s good. It’s nice to feel like things aren’t quite so insurmountable!

My mom left today for a few days on vacation. She’s off to northern Georgia for some “Autumn” weather and hopefully changing leaves. We don’t get that here and both of us miss it. So I hope she gets some beautiful color. I’m glad she’s getting away a little bit and I hope she enjoys herself!

Anyway, I’m going to keep it brief. Just wanted to say I had a nice day yesterday and I’m (finally) feeling better today so all-in-all, a good start to the week. Tomorrow is 2-weeks and I’m hopeful today is a sign of good things to continue!

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