16 Weeks

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I had to go back and count because I hadn’t been keeping exact track lately but today is 16 weeks since my hysterectomy. That seems like such a long time ago. But in many ways, it’s very recent.

I think I’ve finally reached a point where the aches and pains part of the healing are mostly behind me. I get a little sore and still get tired if I overdue it but I’ve noticed that the real, deep aches I had previously been getting last month, seem to be gone now. Which is really good. I was getting highly frustrated still being so sore three months and more into healing.

My belly button is almost completely not painful/sensitive anymore too. Sometimes, it still gets a little cranky at me if I’m wearing jeans or something that rub at it for too many hours, but it’s nowhere near as sensitive as it was. Seems that is finally healing up as well.

photo of healing incisions 16 weeks post op hysterectomy TLH

Recently, a lot of the really dark purple color of the scar has faded too. It’s now more red/pink which is good. It can take upwards of 6 months for the wound to “mature” enough that the color leaves it and it turns more normal “white” scar color, but I think it’s well on it’s way.

In other belly button related news….Love went back to work Monday after his time off for the umbilical hernia repair. He’s sore. It’s probably too soon for him to be back to work (because he’s still on complete restrictions until at least a month post-op) but he couldn’t take more time off. So coming back to work full time, with five full days to get through a little more than a week post-op, is tough. I feel for him. We go back on Valentine’s day for his next appointment where he will hopefully be cleared to do things again. (He can’t carry/lift/push/pull anything right now to ensure the stitches hold and the tear heals properly.)

Monday I talked to the financial assistance department at the hospital. They’re sending me some paperwork to file for charity/assistance on the $4,155 copay. I’m hoping that since the bill is more than I made for the entire year, and since I’m currently unemployed as a result of the surgery, they can write it off. The hospital is apparently not-for-profit so that helps my cause. The paperwork should be in the mail today.

Monday I also went to the mall for a few hours and hung out with my sister. That’s her day off and she was in the area after a doctor’s appointment. It was nice to get out a little bit and it was also good that I wasn’t sore afterward. (Just a little tired but then, I didn’t sleep a lot the night before.)

This week, I’ve been trying to rest up a bit. I’ve been really busy the last couple weeks taking care of Love because of his surgery. (Much like he took care of me.) I don’t mind but it is tiring. So it’s been good to take a couple days to just relax a little, sleep in, and get caught up on some housework.

So that’s about the big, exciting week I’ve had so far. Oh, the blog ran over it’s allotted bandwidth – again! – burning through over 15GB as of Tuesday. So they bumped me up again (to 20GB/month) and, since I’ve been with them so long, they gave me both increases for free. So a shout-out and thanks to WBWS.net. I’ve had other hosts in the past (and I still use Dreamhost for PhoenixFireDesigns.com and such) but, I appreciate the personal service I get for my domain and thus keep it on WBWS.net.

Oh, last thing. In addition to the PayPal Donation Link, I’ve also added another option for those who don’t want to use PayPal.

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That’s about it for now. Think I’ve babbled enough for one day!

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