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One of the worst parts of my “I am ObamaCare” images going viral is the asinine assumptions people make.

Honestly, it’s just absurd the things people will say. I get some people don’t agree with the Affordable Heathcare Act and while I can’t fathom why anyone thinks our current system is working, it’s their right to disagree. Where things get petty is when people get on a soapbox and attack me and make up things about me based on nothing more than their damaged imaginations.

For example, I’ve seen people say things like:

“If she just gave up $4 Starbucks everyday she could afford the surgery.”

Which is so stupid for so many reasons. The simplest being I actually HATE coffee. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about me knows I like tea but can’t stand coffee. I don’t even like things with mocha flavor. So, I’m never in Starbucks.

The second being that at $4.00 and my hospital bill alone being $40,000 (not including the doctor, radiology, anesthesiology, labs, etc.) means I’d need to drink 10,000 cups of coffee. At one cup a day, that’s almost seven years of daily coffee. So really? Even if I did drink coffee (which again, I don’t), somehow seven years of waiting seems a bit excessive.

Then there’s this crowd favorite:

She should stop driving a fancy car!

Which makes me laugh almost as much as the Starbucks one. My “fancy” car? A 1999 Pontiac Grand Am. Woah, slow down with my big pimpin’ lifestyle!! I mean, that’s how I roll. *snort* You know what car I had before that? How about a 1990 Buick Century that I inherited from my 96 year old Grandmother. Damn, am I living large or what? (And for the record, Love drives the “new” car which is a 2003 Honda Element. Oh and both of our cars are paid off.)

Or, how about this actual quote:

I don’t feel sorry for people without insurance when they have car payments, iPhones and acrylic nails.

Ok, and what does that have to do with me? I don’t have a car payment, an iPhone and I’ve literally never had a manicure in my entire life. It’s SO annoying when people presume things that are so far out in left-field they become a joke. How about I didn’t have insurance because my premium is literally HALF OF MY MONTHLY INCOME. At my last job I made about $400/month. How many people can afford to give up 50% of their paycheck each and every month??

The only reason I have the PCIP now is because I, and my family and my friends have worked our asses off raising money month after month. And still, each month it’s a massive struggle to keep it. I want to keep it but coming up with $237/month in addition to my regular bills AND paying down my medical debt when laid off is nearly impossible.

Then I get comments which are so absurd it’s hard to even believe someone said them. Like the person who honestly seemed to think that my blog template graphic somehow was a photo or something?

…and yet your blog’s main graphic is that of an iPhone with internet access?

A template graphic? A FREE TEMPLATE I got that SOMEONE ELSE DESIGNED that I just happened to like the look of, is somehow indicative of my personal spending habits or something? Really?? It’s hard to even fathom such mindset and listen to such drivel.

So just stop already. Don’t agree with me and/or don’t agree with the President or the policies of this Administration. But honestly, stop acting like you know everything. Because you’re just making an ass of yourself when you spew this nonsensical hate.

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  • Helen says:

    It might be crap and falling apart at the seams, but this is why I am SO grateful for the NHS in the UK!
    People are stoopid, a person can be just as insensitive and hurtful, sometimes deliberately, sometime just because they don’t stop to think.

    I am glad you got help with at least some of your medical bills, really hope things improve for you in all respects and that others stop making these assumptions.

  • Roma says:

    You should turn this into a series. Stupid bullcrap debunked about Obamacare recipients.

  • Allie says:

    Maybe you could increase your income if you got a full-time job. Then insurance would be more affordable.

  • miss m says:

    Sure, that would be an option of course … if I didn’t have chronic health concerns that leave me partially disabled.

  • Guy Gondron says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I have my own statement image and have encountered the same blind and ignorant statements where my pic has ended up. The one good thing is it’s taught me patience. Sorta. I still like to lay into the idiots once in a while, but it does no good and doesn’t make me feel any better.
    Good luck! And good luck with the fundraisers! The flip side is that you find a lot of the opposite types – the awesome people who come out of the woodwork to help you.

  • Tyler says:

    So have you tried to go on disability? That’s what I am trying to do now. I have a hearing impairment and depression. It’s a long process and I have had to apply twice but if I get it, it will be worth it (The first time I applied I was living in a different state and the process was complete bullshit and I got denied and they barely did anything for me). Your chronic health problems that leave you partially disabled could get you the disability. And I don’t know about disability where you live but where I live now, they are actually taking the time to find out about my disability and investigate it. They sent me to a couple doctors to get a diagnosis for their records to make sure I was disabled and if I was disabled enough to be on disability. So its worth a shot. I mean the worst they can do is deny you in which case leaves you exactly where you are now.

    I hope you are able to get your fundraising money. I know it can be hard especially since you aren’t a national organization so people can be weary of donating to you which you have kind of a back up which is your shop. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable donating to you, they can buy from your shop.

  • miss m says:

    No, I hadn’t tried. Mainly because without insurance, I couldn’t get enough long-term, current medical records needed to “prove” the health issues. It’s kinda of a catch-22; you need to work to get insurance to prove you can’t work! *eye roll*

    I know my Mother’s case took years and like two appeals – and she had years of doctors and specialist records. So it can be really tough. (She has Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder including Lupus, RA and others.)

    I would LOVE to simply be able to make a living with my shop. Sadly, it’s just not consistent enough. If I could make it my “real” job, I’d be thrilled. Best of luck to you as well.

  • Helen,

    I too, am thankful for the NHS. I did tons of research to see if I could bring Miss M here. I went into hospital last March for a re-curring armpit infection that finally was to the point of needing surgery and my wait was a short three days.

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