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Been so busy this past week with recovering from my food poisoning/ER trip and Love’s surgery Thursday.

The anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medications they gave me made me dizzy. The anti-nausea one is normally prescribed for people going through chemo! I wasn’t allowed to drive on the meds and I had to take them for 3 days so I took the last pill the morning of Love’s surgery. Sitting in the lobby, I started to spin. His mom was nice enough to run and pick up some Meclizine up for me which helped a little. I had some sitting on the counter in the kitchen and meant to bring it for that exact reason but in the rush to get out the door, just forgot it.

Love’s surgery went fine. The doctor actually showed up on time this time around unlike last time where we were sitting in the lobby for over 2 1/2 hours and Love hadn’t even been seen yet because the doctor hadn’t gotten there! This time, he arrived on time and the surgery went quickly and I was back seeing him in recovery by about 11:40am. (We got there around 8:30am and they took him back for pre-op/prep around 9am.)

Poor Love has an idea now how much my own surgery hurt because it was a hernia repair in his belly button. In his though, they go very shallow and surface; not having to cut through muscle layer or anything. In my hysterectomy of course, they go all the way through to the abdominal cavity – and then remove things. But even so, the incision for him is in an area I understand (the camera went through my belly button) and still hurts to use the abdominal muscles as a result. He said I’m freakin’ amazing for getting through what I did because if his was just a fraction of the pain I endured, he’s even more amazed at how strong I am! *chuckles* He said I’m not a “wee” anything. (In reference to a long-standing joke that I’m just a “wee girl.”)

Of course, with him out of commission, it’s up to me to get everything done for us both: shopping, cooking, cleaning, cats, taking care of him, etc. It’s exhausting. He did it for me and of course, I’ll take care of him but it’s still amazing how much it takes to run every aspect of two people’s lives!

Got about 3/4 of my outstanding orders mailed Friday and finished up a few more last night and have a few more to finish for tonight. Tomorrow, I want to run by the post office and get them all mailed. It was just such bad timing me getting sick prior to Love’s surgery and put me behind on everything. Hopefully, everyone is understanding of the longer-than-normal delay.

So, busy, busy, busy! Now I need to go get ready so I can run and get cat food and head to the bank so I better get going.

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  • Bill White says:

    How fortunate we are to have someone to pick up the slack when the chips are down, for one or the other… that’s something you both can be thankful for! Glad it’s that way for you two also! Keep pluggin’ away, and my best to you both! 🙂

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