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I spent most of Friday just in a serious funk. Kept crying because of the damned collection letter. It’s like, why even bother trying to be responsible and pay everyone off if I’m just going to get screwed over and ruin my credit anyway? Everything is stacked against you as the debtor and they make it so you can’t pay them back.

So Saturday, Love wanted to get out of the house and we wound up wandering around IKEA for a few hours. Looked at a bunch of bookcase options and priced out various configurations. (Didn’t get any of course, but discussed different options at length.) We have hundreds of DVD’s and boxed sets (a lot we inherited when Rand passed away) and no place to put them, so we were looking at various options for closed storage that wouldn’t look ugly or out of place. We wound up with a $10 fabric “under the bed” storage bin on a whim which fit like 2/3 of our DVD collection (and all the boxed sets)…but, turns out our bed is too low on it’s cheap-ass metal frame and thus, it won’t fit underneath. D’oh! So we need to figure out where to store it since it holds so many neatly out-of-the-way.

We also splurged on a $19.99 area rug because it was surprisingly nice and our previous one was pretty beat up from the Mika vomiting on it all the time. (Seriously, that cat vomits more than any cat I’ve ever known. There’s nothing wrong with her other than the fact she {A} eats too much weird shit and {B} eats too fast.) The new one is grey with a simple white line drawing in a flower pattern. Ah, it’s “GISLEV” apparently. Really nice and soft for $20. I rolled it out last night and it looks pretty good. (Though I’m not used to looking down and seeing grey yet!)

Sunday, Love went to breakfast with his family. He normally does it every week but had to miss a few because of surgery. After, we had some errands to run (get some lightbulbs, cat food, etc.) so we did that. Came home, made us some dinner and we watched some tv.

Monday he goes back to work so he had to get to bed a little earlier tonight. Being off for surgery and recovery, he got out of habit and was going to bed a lot later. His work days though start at 5am so it’s important he gets to bed early to get enough sleep. He, of course, is not looking forward to going back after 12 days (including weekends) off but it’s unfortunately time.

His doctor still won’t let him do ANY lifting/carrying/ for another three weeks to ensure the stitches hold and heal properly. So long as it has a chance to heal right, the repair should last forever the doc said. I keep reminding him how I couldn’t do anything for over a month and that you have one chance to heal but as a man, he takes it harder that he has to watch me carry all the bags and such.

And that’s about that. I’m still stupidly bummed, broke and haven’t had any sales in the shop in like a week (despite listing five new items last week) which doesn’t help. I also don’t think I’ll be able to raise $237 before the end of the month to pay February’s PCIP premium and that sucks really bad. Without sales coming in, I don’t have enough so I don’t know what to do about that. I hate being so broke and in medical bill debt Hell. I mean, I’m thrilled to be healthy but it feels like, at what cost, you know? What good is it to be healthy if you’re ruined because of it?

Anyway, that’s the weekend.

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