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I swear, I’m such a spaz lately. I’m so scatterbrained. My day has gone something like this…

Get up, check email and related, get dressed. Remember I need to look up some supplies, get distracted by a couple other sites, get back to the supplies, compare and price supplies for like an hour, finally checkout on ones I think are best. Write a blog entry for my sorely neglected PhoenixFire Designs blog. Check out a reply to a post on the hysterectomy support forum that I’ve been a member of ever since before my surgery. Go get something to eat, turn on a program on the DVR to watch while eating. But, then Mika starts puking so pause DVR, put down plate, clean up carpet. Pick up items from the floor to vacuum, stop to go check email and see an email from a friend I need to reply to (Hi Becca) but then think I can do that later, but then remember I need to write down the address for the order I have to pack and ship so go find my order book and pull up the info. THEN go to vacuum but remember I need to empty the container so do that, then vacuum, then put the furniture back down on the carpet, remember I have to make one of the items I want to ship, so resume the still paused show but then remember I need to finish my lunch so do that and watch a few minutes of the show but realize I can’t pay attention so I save it for later and I start creating the item. But I totally hate how it comes out so I undo, try again and it still looks awful so I scrap it completely and cut new wire and try again. Finish it, then I can’t find my order book so I go looking for it (it was right in front of me under my lapboard I was using to make the jewelry) then I get out my packing materials and both orders up (which has a lot of steps) which prompts me to remember I need more return address labels and was there a Vistaprint deal lately for that…? Which then I look at the time and it’s now 3:30pm already and I had needed to get to both Target and the post office but both are in opposite directions so then I’m trying to decide if I should just hit the post office now and do Target when Love gets home but the whole point was to try and get there early since I wanted to make a chicken pot pie tonight and that takes like an hour of prep time but I lack pie crust since the store was out of it on Saturday (guess it was gone for Easter) and I’m this whirlwind of too many things which prompts me to sit down and write this entry really quick to give you an example of how chaotic my day tends to be.

*deep breath*

Now I’m thinking about it and wondering if I should just do my prep now and by the time Love gets home we can run out and hit target and the post office? Ugh, I also need to unload the dishwasher since I ran it last night and it’s clean and I need to get the dirty things out of the sink but in order to do that I need to unload it and I really need the kitchen to be clean so I can do my prep work for tonight’s dinner..!

I swear, it’s spinning in circles some days. I STILL need to order the labels and figure out my errands and prep dinner and unload the dishwasher….

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s a giant mess most of the time doing a million things at once but feeling like nothing ever actually Gets Done? Please?

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