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The blog you see in front of you is not new. It actually started in 2001.

My blog began way back in January of 2001 with this exciting entry. It lived on my domain, updated and published with Blogger for over nine years.

Until one day, in 2010, Blogger (who had since been bought out by Google) decided they were no longer going to support FTP updates. They wanted me to move my journal from my own domain that I paid for and controlled, onto their servers where I had no control over what they did with my files. Yah, right!

And so I moved my blog over to a WordPress blog. But moving nine years of files and configuring them twice in order to have them in a format which could be imported into WordPress just wasn’t worth it. After all, the files are safe on my domain, so I might as well just start this blog fresh.

This is a long-winded way of saying this blog is not new. And that all nine years of archives are still available for reading and for posterity.

Old location:

New location:

I hope that helps. 🙂

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  • Pete says:

    Dear 34 year old pagan with cats … lol … I don’t get the pagan thing and am not fond of cats … I’m just being lighthearted, hahaha don’t be offended. I am a conservative, kind of (they won’t claim me) … and am completely against Obamacare and it should be repealed and replaced at the same time … not that I am against it because you were able to get the insurance … that is NOT what he promised. Had he fought for what he promised, single payer Health care your bills would be far less. Best wishes for your future.

    Even as a conservative, it is my belief that Health care and dental should be available for every Citizen of this country before we EVER send 1 penny overseas.

  • miss m says:

    Ok, first really the wrong place to post this – you should have posted the comment on the entry itself, not the history of the blog. But I approved it anyway because I wanted to reply.

    I too wish he had been able to go MUCH further with the reform. But seeing as people are foaming at the mouth at the changes that did get through, when they only help to protect consumers and give options to people like myself, can you imagine the uproar had it turned into a single-payer system? I WELCOME such a system (being liberal) but it’s unfortunate that the masses are too busy buying the lies that such things are horrible and evil. How can we call ourselves “the greatest nation in the world” and yet allow 50 MILLION of it’s citizens no access to medical care? And those who have it, pay more than every other country in the world for it. It’s criminal how we allow people to suffer and die because “health care” is truly “big business making money off sick people care.”

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