There is so much mis-information out there and so much lack of understanding on what migraines truly are. I hope to stockpile some general and reference information here for those both suffering from migraines and for those who know someone who does. Learning more about the condition helps promote tolerance and understanding.

*check back soon*


  • Dan says:

    I am very sorry for your situation and certainly wish you the best with your health. But, based on your experience shouldn’t you be preaching personal responsibility? Age 34, no insurance and yet your blog’s main graphic is that of an iPhone with internet access? Americans don’t make healthcare a priority until something goes wrong, then everyone else is to blame!

    You’re obamacare because you lack priority and personal responsibility – I know it hurts to hear the truth. Again, I really don’t mean this to attack, but face the reality that you chose not to carry health insurance. I don’t feel sorry for people without insurance when they have car payments, iPhones and acrylic nails.

    Please don’t misread this, I am sympathetic to your situation but I think your blog and message are clearly misguided. The lesson is, make health insurance a priority so that you don’t burden the system with your lack of personal responsibility.

    Lastly, know what you are asking for when it comes to obamacare. Do you realize that in Canada it would’ve taken you 6-8 months to have gotten your surgery? You really want socialized medicine? In the end, if you’d carried your own insurance and perhaps given up (iPhone, Tv, etc) you wouldn’t have been in this situation.

    I wish you the best with your health.

  • miss m says:

    First for fuck’s sake, this is the MIGRAINE page and has NOTHING to do with healthcare. So fucking stupid to put comments in the wrong place.


    1) I didn’t make the template. It was a free one that I got through WordPress. And seriously? A template choice is somehow indicative of personal responsibility? What a joke.
    2) I drive a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am and don’t have an iPhone. Ooh, big pimpin’ lifestyle here!
    3) There are over 51 million Americans without insurance. Are they all just lacking priority? How about you realize how BROKEN health care is in this country. How about if employers don’t offer it, most people can’t afford it. And how about not all employers can or will offer it because it cuts into their bottom dollar?
    4) It DID take 6 months for my surgery. I was diagnosed Memorial Day weekend and my surgery was Oct 5th. Had I not been able to get PCIP, it wouldn’t have happened at all.
    5) A cousin of mine met and married a Canadian. She gave up her US citizenship and became a Canadian. She’s disgusted by the state of the US “health care” (an oxymoron) and mocks idiots like yourself who believe the urban myths about the wait times. Another friend of mine moved to the UK and she too has nothing but positive things to say about their health care. So just stop with the monsters under the bed fairy tales already.
    6) In true American get up and go tradition, when my day job wouldn’t hold my position for me while recovering, I geared up my own small business. Became an entrepreneur. How that’s not personal responsibility is beyond me.

    I wish you some intelligence to go with that brain in your head but sadly, that ship has sailed. Do us a favor instead and just stay silent instead.

  • Tim says:

    Back on topic, I hope to hear if the hysterectomy had any impact on your migraines. That’s been one thing thrown around by my wife’s doctors.

  • miss m says:

    Honestly, they’ve been significantly reduced since surgery. It’s crazy. I kept my ovaries which means I still have monthly hormone flux, but maybe not having the actual periods has helped. It was bad initially after as I rebalanced back from being on an estrogen suppressing medication (Lupron) but then, it’s been a LOT better.

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