Still Sick, Medical Bills & Day Job Update

So I’m still dealing with the cold that I woke up with out of nowhere on Saturday. My poor lips are all cracked and split, my nose is red and scaly and now everything is turning to chest congestion so I’ve added coughing up nasty crap to my runny nose. Super fun and oh so sexy.

But I’m still thankful that if I was going to get sick, at least it’s late enough into my recovery that I can cough, sneeze and blow my nose without pain. My abdomen is being a total trooper through all this exertion and it’s not even hurting so that is awesome.

Got a couple sales (yay!!) so I was able to use some of that money to write out six, $10 checks to six different providers I owe money to for my medical bills. I know it’s not much each, but that’s $60 total which IS a lot. Add that to $40 I paid towards my OB/GYN doc last Thursday and that’s $100 in payments this month. So hey, I’m trying. I wrote out all the people I owe money to in a journal and am keeping track of my payments and my balances to help me not lose track of any of them. There’s actually about a dozen total so it’s a lot to try and stay on top of.

Speaking of sales, I remade two items that have previously sold. Both are available again in the shop and ready to ship.

February Tree – Tree of Life Pendant in Amethyst Gemstone and Sterling Silver Wire

Tree of Life Pendant Chrome Diopside (Siberian Emerald) Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver

As always, there is tons more in the shop and I also gladly take custom orders.

Oh! Speaking of work… I didn’t even blog about it yet but I got a letter from some guy I’ve never heard of who’s apparently in HR at my company. Basically said that I’m on “personal leave” (uh, sorta, but more medical than personal) and that I don’t qualify for FMLA so they don’t have to hold my job and now that I’ve been out longer than the “agreed upon 12 weeks” (uh, again, no agreement – just you told me I couldn’t come back until I was cleared post surgery which I only was last Thursday) that they can’t hold my position and to call if there is any other information pertinent to my case.

You know, you strung me along this whole time where I couldn’t even get unemployment while I was out and now you’re saying I defaulted on some “agreement” of time off? If you’re going to fire me, just fire me already, you know? Stop with the drama. Let me get my stuff and leave. Jeez. So I need to call him apparently. That should be an awesome call. Especially sick and hacking up a lung. Festive.

Anyway, that’s the week so far. Hoping to be better by Thursday because we’re supposed to go to Mom’s. But if I’m still sick (or if Love is) then we’ll have to stay home. We have a 14lb turkey in the fridge but the damned thing is still freakin’ frozen (bought it Friday) so it better be thawed by tomorrow so we can brine it Wednesday.

Out for now.

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