Surprise Birthday Party (With Unexpected Surprises)

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All last week we were covertly working with Love’s Dad to get supplies and make arrangements for a surprise birthday party for Love’s Mom. Ever since last June when Love’s Dad had all his medical issues (his gallbladder ruptured, he went septic, was in a coma and had a quadruple bypass), he doesn’t drive anymore. So he needed us to get party supplies and food and all the actual physical errands part of the party. He provided the cash, we provided the labor. No problem! 🙂

We hit a party store last week and got plates and napkins and a banner, streamers, table cover, etc. Put in an order for a cake. Then we got sub sandwiches, cheese, veggie tray, shrimp and other snackables Friday night so they’d be fresh for Saturday’s party. All was well until late Friday afternoon. When poor Love’s Mom came down with a horrible case of stomach flu. (It’s apparently going around everywhere and if you recall I wound up dehydrated in the ER earlier this month from it too.) Suddenly, the party plans came to a screeching halt.

I had already been sick and certainly didn’t want it again. Love is only just a little more than 2 weeks from his umbilical hernia repair surgery and can’t be throwing up right now (for risk of breaking internal sutures!) And of course, she was in no fit state for company. So the party was last-minute postponed to Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, we were waiting around anxiously for her to leave the house for a bit. She finally went out to see a movie so we headed down there. Got there, got everything all set up and it looked great! (I tweeted a pic Sunday. Though that’s before all the food was out.)

She got home earlier than expected – about 3:30pm and it was supposed to start around 4pm – but was so surprised. She loved all the decorations and didn’t have any idea we did that for her.

The bad thing was, only like two other people wound up coming. Love’s brother had a flooring job that ran too long, Love’s aunt got the same stomach flu an was sick Sunday, some of the other family thought it was cancelled not postponed and made other plans for Sunday, etc. So it wound up being Love and I, Love’s Dad (and mom of course!), their good friend and neighbor and another neighbor. Aw, we felt so bad. Plus we got so much food because we planned on like 12-14 people being there!

Still, she appreciated the effort and Love’s Dad was so thankful for all the planning and detail we put into it. And had a nice afternoon too.

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