Turkey Day Highs and Lows

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First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Hope you’ve had a nice day, hopefully with good food and friends/family. My day was one of those good and bad sorta things.

Good Thing Love got up early this morning and did the 5k Turkey Trot. It’s a huge race they do in Clearwater (like 15,000 people show up!) and he did it in 2010 but missed it in 2011 because of the migraine/vertigo issue. So this is good because he hasn’t really run in over a year because before, every time he ran, he got an attack and so had to stop. But he loves running. I was proud of him for getting out there and facing his fear and the fact that under a stressful situation, he successfully completed the run which means he’s good to go back to his daily jog again – something he’s sorely missed.

Bad Thing Well, during the run, he got tripped. It was an accident but he really did a number on himself. His left knee is scuffed and swollen but even worse is his right hand which looks like shredded meat. It looks like someone took a cheese grater to his palm. He clearly slid it on the asphalt trying to catch his fall.

So today was a MASS of wound care, from trying to scrub out the dirt, to cleaning it, to removing the dead skin bits, to running out to Wal-Mart to buy gauze. I seriously was pushing for awhile for us to go to the ER or at least an Emergency Walk-In clinic to get it properly and professionally cleaned but he said no so I had to do it. (I also told him next time if that happens and they ask him if he needs to see a medic, the correct answer is YES! He could have saved himself a lot of pain and me a lot of ick factor had he gotten it taken care of properly the first time! LOL Men.)

The Also Bad is that he was really sore and with his knee all swollen, we wound up having to cancel out on going up to his cousin’s for the family Thanksgiving dinner. He just wasn’t feeling up to it at all. He has to work tomorrow (every single person in his department requested it off but him so he literally can’t call in) and didn’t want to stress it with an hour drive and such today.

Good Thing was that on a spur of the moment, I wound up deciding to buy a fresh turkey breast and brine it up in our traditional Alton Brown style. So we still were able to have a nice meal today at home. It was around 2pm since that’s when everything was done, and we didn’t plan ahead for dessert so we didn’t have any, but at least the whole turkey day concept wasn’t entirely ruined! 😉

Bad Thing was that cooking a turkey, from scratch mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, etc. makes for a total mess in the kitchen. Love is totally down a hand right now and certainly can’t get it submerged in water (let alone close it, pick up anything, or pretty much use it in any way) so I wound up having to clean the entire kitchen. So cooking AND cleaning duty. SUCKED! Normally, he would have helped but this time it was all me. Boo hiss.

In fact, I still need to go carve up the rest of the turkey and put it away because it’s still on the bone on a platter in the fridge right now. That should be a hysterical mess. I am not good at that kind of thing (if I’m honest, Love’s not much better! Heh) but it needs doing so I’ll do my best. I’m just stalling by sharing writing up this blog entry.


Poor Love went to bed before 10pm tonight because he’s beat and sore and injured. I normally have to fight him to just start getting ready for bed at 10pm, so it’s a clear sign he wasn’t feeling well. I feel bad he’s got to work tomorrow. It would be much better if he could have the long weekend to recover, but it’s just not possible.

Anyway, in case you missed it, the other Bad Thing is that we’re down a car again for the moment because we need a starter. It’s going to be about $400 installed total but I’m about $150 short of being able to pay for that so I’m running a 10% off Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday sale in my shop with code STARTER to help try and drum up some sales. Any linkage is appreciated as well.

Alright, better get to the bird. I’ll be fighting off the cats who have eaten MORE than enough turkey for today as it is. Of course to a cat, there’s no such thing as “too much turkey!” 😉

Hope your Thanksgiving was more Good Things and not so much with the Bad Things!

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