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WordPress taunts me. It starts off with “Enter Title Here” and on many days, I sit and stare at the title box for long stretch of time, unable to come up with something clever to put there. Today, you can clearly see, was one such day as I eventually gave up and just entered the day of the week as my title. Oh well.

So I found Love’s missing wallet Monday night. Odd story though. He woke me up around 6am to help try to find it so he could leave for work. We looked for 45 minutes, he left for work, I looked another 15 or so then gave up and went back to bed. I looked again during the day AND we looked again in the evening. It was just totally gone.

Then I’m saying goodnight to him and I turn to leave and it’s sitting right on the floor leaning against the corner of the bed. Seriously, I had been by that way no less then a dozen times. I had even been on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking under the bed in case it fell down. It wasn’t there earlier but it was suddenly, very obviously there in the evening. Freaky.

Tomorrow I’m going to head up to Mom’s to help label and organize the items for the garage sale. We didn’t have it yet because there were more things coming so we’re going to have it the last weekend of July now instead. My sister’s boss had a bunch of things they were going to just donate to charity so instead, they’re in Mom’s garage for the sale so that’s cool. The more the better since all the garage sale money is going into the medical fund.

Blood pressure medication (Labetalol) is still kicking my ass. I’m just totally useless and still can’t walk up the three floors to my apartment without stopping. Can’t wait until August 1st when I can go see a primary doctor and hopefully get him to give me a different medication instead. I seriously have to lay down every afternoon for a little bit because I’m so exhausted which also sucks. I should be starting to feel better given that the tumors are shrinking, not worse! And especially not uselessly pathetic.

I really want to pick up a blood pressure monitor for home so I can see how I’m doing in a calm environment (as opposed to the stressful doctor’s office) but it’s $34 and the bank balance is a little low right now so I’m hesitant to shell out that much cash right now. Maybe if sales pick up I can justify it but I worry about amount in the account right now being so long into my unpaid medical leave with more to go, you know? But I really should be checking it since I’m on the medication.

And….that’s about that. I want to try to get some of the new pieces listed on my shop today. Been wanting to since last week but haven’t had time. Hopefully, I can stay awake long enough to get some work done. Need to get some sales and not going to do that without some new listings.

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