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Ok, so it’s Monday. And busy week ahead.

First, the Honda.
Love talked to a friend who gave a mechanic recommendation. Looked him up on Google and he’s got 10, 5-star reviews. Everyone says he’s honest and fair priced. Love’s friend has been going to him for years. So I’m waiting on AAA right now to pick up the car and bring it down to him. I explained what happened and he’s happy to look at it, give us an estimate and hold it until payday on Friday. By calling AAA today, it counts as the same tow (a “continuous tow”) because the original tow was over a weekend when shops aren’t open. This way, it doesn’t count again against our tow limit for the year. Talked to the guy – named Wayne – seems nice, so fingers crossed.

Next, the hematologist.
Mom wants to keep the appointment anyway and see if we can’t work something out. So she’s coming to get me tomorrow and we’ll try to talk to the doc. See, my anemia is complicated. It’s not just iron pills. Long story short, it’s my stored iron in my bone marrow – called “ferritin” – that’s low. Ferritin is the building blocks for your red blood cells. Don’t have enough ferritin, can’t make enough red blood cells, you get anemic. I can NOT take iron pills or supplements. My GI tract rejects it and I get violently ill. Been there, done that. I’ve actually had infusions in the past about 8-10 years ago for this exact same problem. Hopefully, if I meet with the doctor (or, more likely, the nurse), they will come up with a treatment plan or something I can afford. We all feel like we need to find a a way to make it work so I don’t have to pay all that money ($611 balance) for nothing. Again, fingers crossed.

— ok, tow just left as I was typing this! —

Then, OB/GYN.
I go Thursday for my 6-week post-op. I won’t have to pay for that appointment because three months of follow-up care is included in the surgery fees. But, the billing lady called me Friday and wanted to talk. I know it’s because I have a $588 balance and I haven’t made a payment since right after surgery. I don’t really have anything to give her on Thursday either so that’s going to suck. But, obviously, I need to know how I’m doing. The 6-week appointment is important because it’s where I find out how internal things are healing.

Last, the shop
Well, the good news is that I got a couple sales so we can eat this week. Yay! I’m really hoping I can get some more in so I have a little something to help pay the repair bill (whatever it turns out to be) and my gyno on Thursday. Neither are in the budget for Friday’s paycheck so I really need to keep momentum going. If you can, I’d really appreciate a post or a link to the shop (facebook, twitter, blogs, reddit, etc.) to help keep awareness up. The more people see the link, the more it gets out there and the more sales I can generate. I really appreciate everyone helping spread the word. Now, with the holiday shopping season, it’s more important than ever that I capitalize on people shopping for gifts.

Anyway, I’ll know more about the car in a bit and will update then. And tomorrow, we’ll see about the hematologist.

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