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Things are getting busy around here.

First, it’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, so that means the holiday season is officially on. *chuckles* We’re trying to clean up the apartment to get ready for a tree. Problem is that we want to put it in a different area this year – in the “dining room” part of the front room instead of right next to the couch against the sliding glass doors. And that’s a very involved project and a LOT of cleaning up. We made some headway today but not enough.

Added to the stress of the cleanup is that Love has surgery on Thursday so we want to get the tree before then because after that, he won’t be able to carry a tree for awhile. It’s not a huge surgery, it’s outpatient to remove three lipomas from his upper thigh. They’re at the point where now they’re impacting the nerves and he’s getting pain and weakness in the leg as a result. We saw a general surgeon on Tuesday and he’s going to take them out this Thursday (December 1st) and Love will take off Thursday and Friday to give him 4 days total before going back to work.

Even still though, it’s right on the muscle so carrying a tree up three flights of stairs will be too painful I’m sure which is why we’re on the deadline to clean the apartment.

Monday I have my appointment with the hematologist. It was originally the 15th but I had a miserable migraine that day and rescheduled for the 22nd which I had to change since it was Love’s appointment with the surgeon, so I re-re-changed it to the 28th. I got another bill from them for another $500 (in addition to the $600 I already got) and the idea was to try to get in and talk to them about treatments that might be cheaper, etc. BUT, I think I figured out what’s going on. I’m pretty sure that they’re mistakenly being processed as “out of network.”

See, I have a $1,000 in-network deductible (long since met that) AND a separate $1,500 out-of-network deductible. I logged into the PCIP site and noticed it says I have “$1024.00” in my out-of-network deductible. But I haven’t used any out-of-network providers. Even my surgery anesthesologist was in-network. And the hematologist doctor was in-network too because I specifically checked before I made my first appointment. BUT…I realized the bills don’t come from him, they come from a parent company called “Florida Cancer Specialists.” And I think that’s why it’s being incorrectly billed as out-of-network.

I tried to call PCIP Friday to see what needs to be done to get them processed in-network (and thus, making my portion only 20% not 100% of it I’m getting billed currently) but they were closed. So I will try Monday before my 3pm appointment. If I can get this straightened out, I might yet be able to get my anemia treatments. Wouldn’t that be awesome? It’s the last thing I need to be fully healthy.

Oh and my damned cold won’t go away. I feel better but I’m still so damned stuffy! Grr. It’s been a week now and I’m still congested and coughing. I know I’m still internally healing (and lately, I’ve also been sore from the coughing/sneezing/blowing my nose) but it’s easily been managed with a few ibuprofen. But all this soreness and stuffiness certainly makes me cranky. I will be so happy when it just goes away for good!!

Anyway, need to get ready for bed. More cleaning ahead tomorrow!

PS – I’m running a free shipping sale in my shop through Cyber Monday with code “GIVETHANKS” at checkout. So check it out! 🙂

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  • Helen says:

    really hope that your right about being billed incorrectly, and that you can get your treatment.

  • miss m says:

    I hope so too. But it’s the only thing that makes sense once I saw the “out of network” dollar amount. Both EOB’s came in with me owing 100% of the amount which doesn’t make sense. The hard part will be figuring out what it takes to get it made in-network. I suspect they will have to re-submit the bills under the doctor’s name but who knows if they’ll do that. But fingers crossed either way since I owe these idiots more than any other single provider except the hospital!! (And all they’ve done is draw blood twice!)

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