Pineapple Paradise

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Years and years ago Yankee Candle had a scent called “Pineapple Paradise.” It was the best scent ever. Just this juicy, pure pineapple scent with nothing else. So rarely do you find pure, sweet pineapple anything without it being tainted by coconut or other “tropical” scents/flavors. (You can find a million “piña colada” items but oh so rarely just pineapple ones.)

Well, like all good things, it was discontinued. I bought a jar on ebay and mourned. I emailed the company for years asking them to bring it back. The lady at the location in the mall took down my phone number to let me know if they ever got it back. I checked the website and the stores anytime I thought of it. They got other “favorites” back but never that one. They made other pineapple-and- scents but never the Pineapple Paradise. I pretty much had given up hope of it ever coming back. It had been a good five or six years gone.

Today I met up with my Mom and my Aunt at the mall. My Aunt is heading back to NJ for the summer so we wanted to get together once more before she left. We were talking and wandering and as we walk by Yankee Candle, the inspiration to check just for the heck of it hits me. I ask the saleswoman if they have it. She says, “We have Pineapple Cilantro!” to which I scrunch up my nose. “What’s it called again?” she asks and wanders over to the wall of the “favorites” where limited re-runs of old, previously discontinued scents are shelved. “Oh! Here you go!” she says and hands me a jar.

My beloved Pineapple Paradise was back!! I grabbed a jar and she says, “Our large jars are buy one, get one half off” so I grab a second. Mom’s standing outside the store since it’s very cold in there and gets chilly easy. “Mom!!” I call and frantically wave the jars at her. “They have it!!”

Pineapple Paradise Large Jar Candles by Yankee Candles 2012

She immediately came in the store and shared my excitement. She had been with me countless previous times as I checked the store to see if they ever got it back in. Even better, she had a Buy 1/Get 1 Free coupon which she gave me so I was able to get TWO jars for the price of one.

Just a simple, stupid little thing but it has TOTALLY made my whole day. I got home and lit it and have been enjoying it for a few hours now. If you love pineapple or if you’re a fan of the scent from years back, RUN over to Yankee Candle and pick up one (or more!)

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